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What is MCA™

MCA is a powerful analysis tool for acquiring a clear understanding on the attitudes, perceptions and expectations of individuals and groups.

• It is a means of discerning the cause of social and organizational problems and finding their solutions

• It is used to improve on existing procedures, methods of work and organizational issues

• MCA is a more powerful alternative to conventional surveys and questionnaires

To this end MCA:

• Provides information beyond the limits of the researchers’ imagination and cultural context

• Provides unrestricted insight, free of the limitations of programmed responses elicited in surveys

• Provides perceptions independent of cultural bias

Where is it used:

• Method evaluation in organizations

• Worker attitude analysis

• Evaluation of social projects

• Improving performance in organizations

• Gaining insight into attitudes and behavior of people in special environments

• Political and legal analysis, negotiations

• Evaluation of candidates

• Alternative/complement to questionnaires and surveys

Advantages of MCA:

MCA is a tool for in-depth analysis and provides sound, pragmatic information for decision-making. It offers answers to questions a researcher may not have thought of asking. It is free of cultural bias.

Origins, Evolution and Concept of MCA:

MCA was developed at Lund University in Sweden. Although a preliminary version emerged in 1995 the Method in combination with its requisite software came into being in 2002. The method is based on phenomenological analysis uses Husserlian phenomenology principles. The application of the theoretically complex procedure of Meaning Constitution Analysis is made possible by a software specially developed by Onex Corporation of Weston, Connecticut. MCA has been adopted by a wide variety of higher learning institutions throughout Europe and it has been presented to leading professional societies. It has been used by businesses and organizations ranging from steel producers to Swedish Air Force.

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