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Contacting MCA

MCA is a phenemological psychological method which is easy to learn, use, and apply. Reference examples instruct in the use of the method, while the MINERVA software facilitates the application of MCA.

MCA Development provides experts who can address any problem that falls within the domain of the method. These experts and their staff include doctoral level psychologists and management specialists who can do complete studies or work with the participation of your own staff.

Both the reference examples and the software (MINERVA) are distributed by MCA Development S.A.

MCA Development can be contacted via:



Sweden: +46 46 222 8756

Switzerland: +41 21 869 9721

USA: +1 203 227-5873



Chemin de la Bariliettaz 22

CH-1122 Romanel-sur-Morges



6 Fanton Hill Road

Weston, CT 06883

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