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The following is a sample of some of our studies:

A Swedish Steel Company: Evaluation of the introduction of Kaizen work groups

This study, requested by the management of the company, was aimed at finding out the reaction of the employees to the Kaizen Japanese quality system and gaining an insight on their inner attitude, a year after its introduction in the company.

The MCA study revealed the negative feelings of the employees toward the system. These feelings resulted in superficial participation in the work groups and lack of real contribution at meetings and at suggesting improvements.

The MCA analysis further revealed that Kaizen, in itself, was viewed positively by the employees but that it was the manner in which the system was implemented and the employees’ perception of lacking information and participation in its implementation that had brought about discontentment. This resulted in a feeling of insecurity.

Malmö Kirseberg Penal Institution: Evaluation of a drug rehabilitation program

This study aimed at evaluating the effect of the program on both convicts and rehabilitation staff.

It appeared, from the MCA study, that the positive results achieved with the convicts had been made through a deep realization and understanding of their drug abuse problem and a realization that they were being helped by the rehabilitation program. The staff derived a clear work satisfaction at being able to actually help the evolution in attitude of the convicts.

Air Traffic Control Centre, Sturup, Malmö: Investigation of the attitudes controllers and administrators towards their work for stronger traffic safety

The aim of this study was to uncover the inner feelings of the different levels of employees and administrative staff, as well as their attitude toward their work.

The information obtained with the application of MCA showed the administrative staff to have strong feelings of participation and solidarity with the enterprise itself.

The controllers, on the other hand, appeared to experience a high degree of solidarity with their own working group but it became apparent that they did not have any kind of feelings concerning participation or identification with the company.

The study also provided some tentative explanations for the attitudes uncovered. The implication of these findings on traffic control performance and means of channelling the workers attitudes to enhance their performance were then considered. The knowledge that controllers would exhibit a high level of responsibility and participation out of concern for another worker could, for example, be channelled towards safer skies by creating a work environment layout favourable to cross-awareness and joint participation.

Malmö Municipality Administrative Offices: Pluralism and representation - the work leaders’ perspective

Supervisors should, according to politicians - as is, in most instances, the case for the labour market in general - be representative of the demographic structure of society. This, however, is not always the case today.

The aim of this study was, therefore, to try to reach an understanding of the reasons for the discrepancy using the direct approach of looking at a supervisor's thoughts, feelings, ideas and associations about this situation. The research was done at a civic administration at the Malmö municipality.

The study showed that the supervisors felt that immigrants had fewer capabilities than the Swedish applicants as far as formal education and management experience were concerned. There also appeared some stereotyping and prejudice against people of differing background.

That prejudice and discrimination exists is not a big revelation and the goal of the study transgressed the discovery of this fact. The aim of the study rested further, in the search for the disguise (or coding, in a sense) of the discrimination, promoting the self-consciousness of its occurrence among jurists, state employees and policemen. It is in finding the coded form of these prejudices that the MCA analysis took over where conventional questionnaires and surveys could not reach.

Swedish Air Force, Air Surveillance and Control Systems Division

This study was performed at one of the two top-secret sites wherefrom the Swedish Air Force controls air defence activity.

The study reported on the morale of the personnel subsequent to reorganization, and on improvements that could be made in the working conditions based on the subliminal as well as the open feelings of the staff.

A generally good work climate somewhat marred by a displeasure with the physical environment and with the management emerged. Changes made during the reorganization did not take into account the experience of the staff, with disregard to their subjective preferences additionally leading to dissatisfaction with the management.

Swedish Telecommunication Company (Telia Foretag, Telia Foretagservice and Skanes Telefonistservice): Recruiters and their selection process

This study was done with the purpose of finding out the criteria, other than professional qualification, that affected the recruiters’ selection process, including the role played by the cultural background and gender of the applicant.

The MCA Analysis showed all the recruiters who participated in the study to have similar views in judging an applicant. They revolved around competence, corporate culture, references and education. Social skill and the ability to manage situations appeared to be of importance to the recruiters. Interestingly, in line with corporate policy, neither gender nor cultural appurtenance appeared as a factor in the selection process.

Swedish Match Factory, Malmö: Peering into the feelings of the employees at the manufacturing department

This study looked to inform management on the feelings and perceptions of the manufacturing employees towards their work.

The study showed that the employees experienced a lack of communication both within and between the different divisions in the manufacturing department. A lack of team work and a desire for greater support from management appeared as important on the mind of the employees. Contrary to the assumptions of management, the employees experience their work more as a necessary evil than as a satisfying part of their life.

Middle School in Malmö: Evaluation of the level of comprehension of subject matter

The comprehension of biology in 14 year old pupils was evaluated with MCA. The text used to perform the MCA analysis stemmed from a question formulated by an instructor. The subjects of the small composition the students were asked to write was for them to position themselves as extraterrestrials arriving on earth and noticing humans and animals eating and growing, compared to plants growing without eating and to comment on that fact.

The MCA study indicated a high level of learning of factual information but a distinct lack of realization of the interrelationship and consequence relating to these facts.

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