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About the Studies

Work with MCA first began in 1995. Two years later an initial version of the Software was developed and has since undergone a complete renewal.

A large amount of studies have been done in the field of work and organizational psychology. This should not be construed as a predilection of MCA towards such studies. MCA has been used in widely varying cases ranging from the surveying of school children’s comprehension of subjects they study as part of their curriculum to probing the readiness of air defense system dispatchers to analyzing men’s ability to handle crisis in relationships.

MCA performs as surveys or questionnaires do, but because it relies on small texts resulting from the free expression of subjects, MCA provides a much more profound and precise response than the rigid environment of surveys and questionnaires. By its very nature, MCA is free of any bias and is culture independent.

Partial List of Studies

  1. Study of merger of two Swedish regional councils
  2. Cross-cultural comparison of Swedish and Romanian printing press employees
  3. Comprehension of biology in 14 years old pupils
  4. Crises in relationships and men’s ability to handle them
  5. Evaluation of efficiency of teaching methods in the school for air traffic controllers
  6. Study of introduction of computerisation in the Swedish governmental agency for road traffic
  7. Sickness-due absences and how to reduce them
  8. Amelioration of work conditions and work efficacy in the Swedish governmental agency for air traffic control
  9. Evaluation of care of the elderly in a Swedish municipality
  10. Multiculturalism in blue collar workers
  11. The Swedish Air Force Air Surveillance and Control Systems Division
  12. Evaluation of a rehabilitation program for drug dependent prisoners in south Sweden
  13. Managerial decision processes in multicultural settings
  14. Job flexibility and role-shifts in modern working places
  15. High school teachers in the modern multicultural world.

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